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We live in a world where customization has become a norm and almost an expectation. From the services you receive to the products you buy, everything can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can even customize your shampoo to match your hair type. So why should your technology be any different? Here’s the good news – if you have a Sharp MFP, you can customize it to fit your work needs. This means that you don’t have to pay for the features you don’t require, but you also have the option to add features that will benefit your business. Here are some tips on how to customize your Sharp MFP to maximize its potential for your office:

Features for Enhanced Document Handling

You can customize the features of your copier to help you meet your specific business needs. For example, if you regularly print marketing materials such as brochures or booklets, it would be helpful to add a finisher to your copier. This will enable you to automate the stapling process instead of doing it manually. Similarly, you can add the hole punch accessory to your MFP if you need to punch holes in your printed collateral, saving you time and effort. This is also an excellent way to enhance the quality of your printed materials for a more professional touch.

Additionally, many businesses still use fax as a method of communication. If your company is one of them, you can add a fax kit to most Sharp models, allowing you to send and receive faxes like a traditional fax machine.

Choose Paper Trays for Different Paper Sizes

Having too many paper drawers on your printer can be useless for some businesses, and not having enough can be counterproductive for others. With Sharp MFPs, you can choose the number of paper trays you want to add and the sizes you need them to support. For instance, if you regularly print and alternate between 8.5” x11” and 11” x17” paper sizes, it would be helpful to have a designated drawer for each size. This eliminates the need to constantly replace paper and adjust paper size each time you want to print a different document size.

Made to Fit Your Space

Need a printer that has the functionality of a desktop unit but don’t have enough space on your desk? With Sharp MFPs, you can build your unit by adding or removing a stand and drawers to adjust the height as needed. Add a stand to a desktop model, and you now have a free-standing unit instead.

Wireless Printing

The modern workforce is always on the move, and mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets play a crucial role in helping them stay connected to their work. With the wireless printing option, you can easily print documents and files directly from your mobile device, allowing for convenient and hassle-free printing on the go.

Card Reader Option

It is common for organizations to issue access cards or badges to their employees to access office buildings and amenities. With the card reader add-on, you can incorporate individual access badges as a way to use the printers as well. This feature provides better control over tracking individual print usage and ensures only authorized users can access printers. It is a great addition to enhance your company’s print security.

Voice-Activated Printing

Integrating Alexa devices with Sharp MFPs brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to office environments. By using voice commands, you can perform tasks such as printing, scanning, or copying without physically interacting with the MFP. This hands-free operation is particularly beneficial in situations where accessibility is a concern. Voice-activated workflows reduce the time and effort required for document management tasks and align with the growing trend toward smart office ecosystems.

Customize Your Homescreen

Customize your MFP’s touchscreen interface to display frequently used functions or shortcuts. This makes it easier for you and other users to access the features you need quickly. You can also customize the layout and appearance of the interface to match your company branding, creating a more cohesive and professional user experience.

Integration with Synappx Go

Synappx Go is a smartphone application that enhances the user experience for Sharp MFPs. Designed to optimize productivity, it enables you to print, copy, and scan contactlessly using a mobile device. With just a few taps, you can remotely operate your MFP and release print jobs. This is a great option for securely releasing confidential documents and preventing them from remaining unattended at the printer.

Customized Workflows

With Sharp’s customizable workflow solutions, you can streamline document processing. Whether it’s scanning documents directly to email, network folders, or cloud storage services, configuring workflows according to your specific business processes can significantly reduce manual intervention and increase efficiency.

Optimizing Your Printer

When selecting a printer, it is critical to consider how that device can be adapted to fit your office. By tailoring the functionality and features of your MFP to align with your specific business needs, you can create a more productive and streamlined office environment that empowers you and your team to work smart, not harder.

At AD Solutions, we understand the importance of maximizing the value of your office equipment. Contact us today to explore the full range of customization options available for Sharp MFPs. We happen to be experts on them.

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