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Our Technologies and Services

AD Solutions is proud to offer innovative electronic device solutions to improve your work experience and offer you the control you need. Improve interactions with customers with technology that works. Whether you’re in need of laptops engineered for business or education, Chromebooks for internet utilization, or portable tablets for an array of uses, we have the perfect device solutions and services for you.

Device Solutions and Services

With our wide variety of best-in-class device solutions and consumer electronics services, customers from a selection of industries can improve their work experience, completing tasks quickly and easily. We offer the devices, solutions, and services your organization needs to improve efficiency. Contact AD Solutions today to discuss which future devices are right for you and your company.

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Dynabook Laptops

Dynabook laptops are created for education and business to deliver quality technology. Here are the features that set them apart:

  • Proprietary Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) for optimal performance
  • Rigorous testing to ensure durability and minimal power consumption
  • Customizable options so you can tailor them to your company’s specific needs
  • Industry-leading warranty and embedded hardware to keep you on the go
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HP Chromebooks

Chromebooks are optimized for PC users who rely on Google for an array of services including email, spreadsheet creation, editing documents, and more. These computers are engineered to utilize web applications and cloud storage rather than traditional programs and extensive hard drive space. This streamlined approach lets you harness internet services, including the advantages of cloud computing, with ease and speed.

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Lenovo Tablets

Lenovo tablets are precision-designed to be slim, light, and crafted with the highest quality materials and techniques. All Lenovo tablets use one of three operating systems: Android, Windows, or Chrome. These operating system options allow users to purchase the device whose operating system and services best match their intended use. At AD Solutions, we offer a selection of Lenovo tablets, customized for your organizational and company needs.

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A.D. Solutions provides exceptional technology products and services!

- Marcus M.

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