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AD Solutions offers healthcare practices and employers a variety of efficiencies and business solutions. Here’s how we can help your healthcare practice:

  • Secure Patient Data: Our security-focused printers and copiers allow you to maintain compliance with your network and clinical databases.
  • Provide Connected Care: Improve inter-office communication, streamline record keeping, and decrease patient wait times by integrating daily operations with EHR software.
  • Deliver Cost Savings: Drive cost savings while increasing patient value by digitizing your paper processes, freeing up your IT staff, and more.

Why Choose AD Solutions for Healthcare

AD Solutions is a one-stop technology provider specializing in top-of-the-line services and security. We help healthcare industry providers and hospitals stay compliant, efficient, and profitable through technology innovations and easy data management. We know using cutting-edge and innovative technology is vital to success in healthcare spaces. See how partnering with AD Solutions can advance your medical practice today.

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Healthcare Print Solutions

Equipped with leading-edge security services, our Sharp copiers and printers protect your confidential data and help you stay compliant. Our feature-rich lineup is easy to use and will help optimize your print efficiency and management. Copy both sides of a driver’s license or insurance card onto a single page with Card Shot or take advantage of other features to:

  • Print variable patient data
  • Customize marketing pieces
  • Print with mobile devices

Card Shot

Keep patient information cards such as driver’s licenses and health insurance cards more organized with Card Shot on your Sharp copier. With Card Shot, you can copy both sides of a card onto a single page, and even scan them into the computer to store them digitally. This allows for the consolidation of cards into a neat stack of pages for easy access.

HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare organizations need a secure way to track, print, and scan patient records while maintaining HIPAA compliance. This is especially important when handling sensitive information such as medical histories, patient charts, and billing statements. Sharp print and copy solutions are HIPAA compliant, so you can print confidently and worry-free.

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Healthcare Display Solutions

Educate your patients and visitors with eye-catching HD displays, promote announcements and alerts among staff, or collaborate with professional peers. Our multipurpose display solutions are designed to enhance communication and achieve quality outcomes with healing care. We provide interactive displays, video walls, and digital signage to help you:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reinforce team training
  • Support video conferencing with clients
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Healthcare VOIP Solutions

VOIP makes it easier to connect with patients and providers and provides flexible and reliable routing, so you will never miss a call. Our hassle-free directory for patients and clients makes it easier for them to connect to the right physicians and departments, and helps you manage your calls more efficiently. Secure and HIPAA compliant, VOIP will enable you to:

  • Customize call coverage
  • Automatically record calls
  • Connect on the go with mobile
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I've used A.D. Solutions for all of my printer needs at each company I've worked at for years. Their high level of service, level of professionalism, and genuine concern for their customer's needs is second to none.

- Travis D.

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