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A small business is a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that has fewer employees and less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation. However, just because a business is smaller in size doesn’t mean it’s less successful! Small businesses can benefit from a number of AD Solutions’ dedicated systems, technology, and expertise to empower their workflow.

Why Choose AD Solutions for Small Businesses?

At AD Solutions, we can help you find the complete solutions for your small business. Whether you’re looking to achieve cost savings, simplified inventory management, space savings, data security, or greater functionality, our professionals are here to help with expert business support and best-in-class systems.

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Scan To Email

Scan To Email services take documents directly from your copier, convert your documents into a PDF, and send the PDF to one or more email accounts. Our Scan To Email process can save your company time and money by allowing you to connect with clients and customers quickly and easily, boosting growth and client satisfaction. Access our Scan To Email business feature to save on postage and make sharing documents as easy as pressing a button.

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Scan to Folder

Scan To Folder lets you scan documents from a copier directly to a designated folder on a PC, Mac, or server. This is a great solution for a business that organizes large amounts of data, has limited bookkeeping resources, or wants to guarantee separate systems for easy processing. Scan To Folder also allows users or clients to scan their images directly into network drives and folders with our reliable, easy-to-manage business solution. Let our Scan To Email function help you eliminate your document storage needs, allowing your business to run more efficiently and on-schedule.

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VOIP Solutions

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) replaces your old-fashioned landline systems with internet-based calling. VOIP business solutions from AD Solutions provide a portable, mobile solution with the flexible functionality of a phone system – and at any business scale. With compatible software systems, you can also upgrade and manage your messaging, calls, and voicemail processes for smoother client operations as well as increased productivity and security.

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I've used A.D. Solutions for all of my printer needs at each company I've worked at for years. Their high level of service, level of professionalism, and genuine concern for their customer's needs is second to none.

- Travis D.

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