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Every corporate office relies on a range of technologies to remain productive and keep information flowing smoothly. At AD Solutions, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you meet your business goals. Whether you’re looking for a solution to help improve education or enhance communication, we have what you’re looking for as a leading specialist in workplace office solutions.

Why Choose AD Solutions for Corporate?

At AD Solutions, we generate a wide range of options for our customers large and small – all from an inclusive line of products and services. As an office solutions group, we can help elevate your corporate functions and support your day-to-day tasks with adequate products from the global leader in tech solutions with brands like Sharp, Lenovo, HP, and more. To learn more about our offerings for corporate office solutions, contact us today.

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Corporate Collaborative Displays

Smart displays are created with the user experience in mind, including multiple points of interactivity for clear and effortless communication. Sharp smart displays can be equipped with an onboard Apple or Windows system or be controlled directly from a laptop. Sharp Aquos displays create all-in-one meeting room solution with a progressive whiteboard experience and representing interface for greater collaboration. Smart displays build collaborative meeting environments for superior outcomes and a fully integrated office design.

  • 4k Image Quality
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Seamless Communication
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Corporate Video Conferencing

With increased distributed work, individuals must now communicate remotely through multiple channels. Video conferencing is an innovative and effective way to improve productivity and ensure effective project management. An array of apps deliver video and audio, making collaboration more accessible than ever!

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Why Bring Your Own Printer (BYOP) Could Be a Recipe for Trouble

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I've used A.D. Solutions for all of my printer needs at each company I've worked at for years. Their high level of service, level of professionalism, and genuine concern for their customer's needs is second to none.

- Travis D.

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