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We all know that feeling of frustration when we need to print something in a hurry, and our printer just doesn’t want to cooperate! Many times, the printer won’t even tell you what the problem is, or an error message pops up that makes no sense. Thankfully, there are some troubleshooting solutions that can be implemented to fix the issue. While the solution will ultimately depend on your printer model, manufacturers often have online resources to help customers work through their printer problems. Read on for some of the most common issues and effective solutions.

The Printer is Unresponsive

If your printer is not responding, be sure to always check the basics first. Make sure that the printer is on and check if the green light indicator above the screen is flashing or solid. If so, simply press the power button near the screen to “wake up” the screen. If the green light is not flashing or solid, find the main power switch located on the left side of the machine towards the back. You may also find the power switch under the front cover, near the bottom left near the waste container and toner cartridges. Wait 10 seconds after pressing the main power button before pressing the power button above the screen. 

Once you ensure that the power is on,  check that your printer has the paper of the correct size, that all the wireless connections and outlets are working, that necessary cables are connected, and that the printer ink and toner cartridges are full. 

Once those simple questions are answered, you can further explore the issue.

The Printer Will Not Print

Are you are getting confusing error messages on the control panel? While it may be effective to push the power button to restart the printer, it is very important that you also double-check that you have selected the correct printer settings. If your printer driver has two-way communication, you may receive a warning on your computer before you even go to the printer, only to find that nothing is waiting for you in the printer tray. Thankfully, these warnings will usually tell you what the issue is and will recommend a possible solution. If all fails, turn your printer off completely, wait a couple of minutes, and then restart your printer and software application.

The Print Quality is Poor

Did you know that the paper that you print on can make a significant difference in your final print quality? Photo paper that is sold by your printer’s manufacturer is often a better option than generic printer paper. However, it is even more important for your printer settings to match what you are printing. This means you should take care to choose the appropriate print quality settings for your printed pages. For example, if you are printing high-quality photos on glossy paper, plain paper settings will not work well enough. Also, mixing brands and types of paper within one printer tray may lead to issues.

Paper Jams

While many paper jams are caused by a foreign object that is loose inside the printer, there are other possible causes as well. These may include a paper tray that is overfilled or improperly inserted paper. To correct these issues, try fanning out the stack of paper to reduce the risk of dust and static collection and re-insert the paper. When using thicker paper, it works best to manually feed each sheet into the printer. We also recommend you double-check the paper settings to ensure that it matches the paper type you are trying to use. 

The Printer is Too Slow

While inkjet printers can be slow with ink drying time, laser printers can also have their own issues. The lesser the standard for print quality, the quicker it will print. Also, check to see if your print job is printing in duplex mode, which uses both sides of the paper. In this case, the printer takes more time to flip the sheet of paper over. Overall, the simpler the printer settings, the quicker your printing will be. 

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