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AD Solutions is a Workplace Technology Company that offers the equipment, services, and software that simplifies working and learning in a hybrid world. We generate a wide range of solutions for our customers large and small from an inclusive line of products and services.

As a young couple, the founders had a choice to build their dream home or create something bigger. They chose to make something bigger: Advanced Document Solutions. AD Solutions was quite literally started from their garage, where they rolled out the first machine they ever sold.

AD Solutions was formed to provide new document workflow solutions to existing and new companies, adding cost savings and better service programs to improve productivity and increase revenues. Browse our website for products that will benefit you and your organization. You can also stop by one of our store locations for a free demo of our products or sign up for a free in-house trial period.

Professional Services:

AD Solutions provides a wide array of services to provide the best possible level of services to ensure complete client experience satisfaction. Have total peace of mind knowing that your equipment remains protected by the certified service and support team of AD Solutions.

Copier Repair:

A.D Solutions has a response time of 2-4 hours, and we strive to provide the most efficient and effective service. 95% of our parts and supplies are kept in stock to ensure a fast and easy installation. If we cannot get your equipment up and running within 24 hours, we offer a loaner for your office to ensure that your business is still operational.

Remote Diagnostic System (RDS):

RDS gives us the ability to manage and monitor your copier right from our office and determine the solution before our diagnostic visit. We are notified when supplies and parts are needed and when we need to generate meter readings. We can reduce the downtime of various service calls; this feature comes as a standard on all Sharp equipment.

IT Support:

Technicians can diagnose and provide instant support on PCs and Macs with remote login support. We also offer IT support on our Apple, Windows, and Cisco support systems.

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We offer solutions for any organization

Browse our Web site for products that will benefit you and your organization. If you get a chance, we would appreciate your comments and suggestions for additional products and if you’re in the area, stop by one of our store locations for a free demo of our products or sign up for a free in-house trial period.

Display Solutions

Our Sharp Displays offer brilliant and immersive HD Images with collaborative tools and software for great communication.

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Device Solutions

AD Solutions has laptops for internet utilization or portable tablets for an array of uses, we have the device solution for you.

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IT Solutions

AD Solutions is a reliable IT support partner that can manage software, support, and administer technology on multiple platforms.

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Print Solutions

At AD Solutions, we are proud to carry Sharp’s line of multi-functional copiers, as well as Sharp’s cloud-based software, MICAS.

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Software Solutions

At AD Solutions, we provide top-of-the-line software solutions to meet the needs of an array of industry professionals.

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VOIP Solutions

VOIP includes features that cannot be found on common phone services, including custom caller ID, call recording, and voicemail to email.

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