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Sharp’s award-winning multi-function peripherals (MFPs) are complimented with a broad range of software applications and certifications designed to help you meet your business objectives. Together they can help you increase IT efficiency, better leverage existing infrastructure, improve security, streamline business processes, embrace a more mobile workforce, and more.

Complementing these applications are those offered by the Members of the Sharp Partner Program, which can help meet virtually any need. When coupled with the integration and service support of a Sharp authorized dealer, this is the winning combination for your office productivity needs.

Software Solutions

With any array of software solutions to choose from, you are sure to find software that is right for your business and/or industry. At AD Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering only the most effective comprehensive solutions that will help improve a variety of experiences.

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PaperCut MF is a software application that is designed to help organizations manage the printing process. Its main features help minimize waste and save paper, tone, and ink. It also improves the document security process, ultimately saving the system administrator time.

This application works by intercepting print jobs as they pass into a print queue. It watches the queues and extracts job information to implement logging, charging, controls, quotas, and reporting or security features such as secure press releases, archiving, and watermarking.


ClassFlow is a cloud-based teaching software designed to make lesson preparation easier and lesson delivery more dynamic. This software allows educators to create lessons in a single place while pulling resources from other sources for a rich learning experience. Because it is cloud-based, you can easily access it anytime and anywhere without worrying about network issues.

Chrome Licenses

Chrome licenses allow for the configuration of settings and enforcement of policies across a fleet of Chrome devices. One major benefit is that this license allows for the management of an individual’s devices remotely. Annual Chrome licenses can be purchased and then used with Google Admin console to activate them. Apps will verify the license when users sign in using their Google Account.

This is a great company that focuses on providing the best products and services to their customers. Highly recommend!

- Scott A.

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