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Paper is to printer what butter is to bread. Though this sounds cheesy, when it comes to printing, not all paper is created equal. Different tasks demand different types of paper to ensure the final product stands out. Whether it’s for a professional presentation or a simple internal memo, choosing the right paper can make all the difference. As a leading copier company dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance, we understand the importance of selecting the right paper for your office needs. Let’s talk about the best types of paper for different tasks and our top recommendations to keep your office running smoothly.

Everyday Printing

When it comes to everyday printing tasks like memos, emails, and drafts, you want a reliable paper that can handle the job without breaking the bank. 20 lb paper is the common choice for everyday printing tasks. Its light weight makes it economical for high-volume printing without sacrificing quality for standard use. Look for a multipurpose paper with a brightness rating of at least 90 for crisp, clear text and images. Our top recommendation for everyday printing is the Amazon Basics Multipurpose Copy Paper.  It’s affordable, high-quality, and compatible with all types of copiers and printers, making it a great choice for diverse printer fleets.

Presentations and Reports/Professional Documents

For presentations and reports that need to make a lasting impression or professional documents like resumes and proposals, opt for a heavier paper with a matte finish. 24lb or 32lb paper feels more substantial in the hand, which can make a better impression. This type of paper adds a professional touch and enhances the vibrancy of colors and graphics. Additionally, the thicker paper typically allows for less show-through, lending a more opaque and polished appearance to double-sided prints. We recommend the 32lb Hammermill Printer Paper for its exceptional print quality and thickness.

Marketing and Promotion

When creating brochures, flyers, or promotional materials, choose a bright, smooth paper for durable, high-quality prints. The smooth surface works well with heat and heavy toner applications, and the brightness enhances color contrast. Additionally, opt for a sturdier paper like 80-100 lb card stock because it’s thick and rigid, providing a professional-grade stiffness that stans up to handling. Our top pick for brochures and flyers is the 80lb Hammermill Cardstock, Premium Color Copy Cover. It’s acid-free paper that prevents yellowing over time.

At 100 brightness, this copying paper is super bright for excellent image contrast and true color reproduction.

Choosing the Best Paper for Color Printing

When it comes to color printing, the choice of paper is crucial to get vibrant and lasting results. Glossy finish papers, typically ranging from 28 lb to 48 lb, are ideal for printing high-resolution color images. The glossy surface reflects light uniformly, providing a shiny effect that enhances the color saturation and contrast. This makes glossy paper the go-to option for photographic prints, color presentations, and marketing materials that need to catch the eye. For those seeking an environmentally friendly alternative, there are also premium recycled papers with a high-gloss finish that do not compromise on quality. Always ensure that the paper weight and finish are compatible with your printer to avoid jams and smudging, maximizing the impact of your color prints.

Boost Print Quality

Choosing the right paper is just the first step in enhancing the quality of your prints. Proper maintenance of your copier, including regular cleaning and using the appropriate settings, is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. For questions regarding your printer’s maintenance or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact us today at 407-490-0509. We’re here to help!

Remember, the right paper not only conveys the quality of your work but also reflects your company’s values. So choose wisely and give your documents the paper they deserve! Last but not least, recycle your paper whenever you can. It’s a simple way to cut down on waste and reduce your environmental footprint.

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