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Despite the increasing shift towards digital devices in education, the demand for print and, consequently, print devices remains strong (Tullio, n.d.). We understand that equipping your school with the right printer can be a daunting task because not only does it play a vital role in an educational setting, but also contributes to the overall satisfaction of your staff. Drawing from our industry experience, here’s a rundown of some essential printer functions that are particularly handy for schools.

User Codes

Most modern copiers offer robust security features like user codes that ensure only authorized users can operate them. Each staff member is assigned a unique code, making it easy to track print jobs, promote accountability, and prevent unauthorized use. This not only helps manage printing costs but also discourages wasteful printing habits, supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

Default to B/W

Typically, teachers generate a significant number of copies, and these are usually in black and white. Setting the default to monochrome printing is advisable to avoid unintentional color prints and prevent unnecessary color charges from accumulating.

Wireless Printing

This feature allows teachers to send print jobs directly from their digital devices. No more time-consuming transferring to a USB stick or emailing to a dedicated print email. It’s all about optimizing efficiency while making life easier for your teaching staff.

Color Printer

While defaulting to black and white is economical, having a printer that can handle color prints can be equally important. This is especially true when vibrant visuals are essential to the materials being printed.

Staple, Collate, and Hole Punch

Tired of wrestling with the office stapler or the hole puncher? Let your copier do the heavy lifting. Many modern copiers can staple and collate your documents and even punch holes! This keeps handouts organized and saves your staff a lot of time (and sanity!).

Intuitive Interface

The last thing you want is for your staff to be frustrated because they can’t figure out how to operate the copier. Most modern copiers and multifunctional printers (MFPs) feature user-friendly interfaces and touchscreens, so daily functions can be a breeze.

Duplex Printing

This feature allows you to print on both sides of a paper. Teachers, we know you’re nodding. Duplex printing not only cuts paper usage by half (hello, eco-friendly teaching!) but also makes those hefty handouts less intimidating for students. A win-win situation!

Large Paper Capacity and Multiple Trays

Dealing with different types of paper for worksheets, handouts, and exams can be a hassle. Multiple paper trays allow teachers to effortlessly switch between different printouts, while a high-capacity paper tray ensures fewer interruptions for paper refills during those big print jobs.

Scan and Email Function

No more running around with a USB stick trying to transfer files. This is an absolute lifesaver for sharing resources with students, parents, or fellow teachers. Scan a document and email it directly from the copier? Yes, please!


Incorporating these essential copier functions can transform your school’s daily operations, enhance efficiency, and provide vital support to your educators, allowing them to focus on their core mission: teaching. If you’re unsure which printer suits your school best, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to provide expert guidance and custom solutions that align with your business needs.


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