About A.D. Solutions Orlando

A.D. Solutions was formed in order to provide new document workflow solutions to existing and new companies, adding cost savings and better service programs to improve productivity and increase revenues throughout the United States.

A.D. Solutions has been proudly and efficiently serving the state of Florida. With over 20 years of combined personnel experience. A.D. Solutions provides the highest quality copier, facsimiles, computers, and network solutions.

In 2008, we added HP and Dell as our printing and networking solutions for small and large business owners,
covering all aspects and company sizes. Now, with the digital connectivity afoot, A.D. Solutions features the latest state of the art equipment manufactured by Sharp Electronics.

Browse our Web site for products that will benefit you and your organization. If you get a chance, we would appreciate your comments and suggestions for additional products and if you’re in the area, stop by one of our store locations for a free demo of our products or sign up for a free in-house trial period.



The A.D. Solutions
Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to review your purchase and decide if you would like to continue or return your purchase without further obligation.

What Makes Our Guarantee So Great

Our business thrives on return customers and our Satisfaction Guarantee is one way we can ensure that you are happy with our products and customer service. It also ensures that you get more value than you expected – or you will get a full refund!