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As more people switch to hybrid or remote work, Zoom meetings have become the new normal. However, as this form of communication becomes more commonplace, people now have new factors to think about. For example, what is an appropriate background for your video call? Zoom offers a variety of options to choose from, but picking the right one for your next meeting is important for making the right impression. Read on to learn more about choosing the best Zoom backgrounds for work.

Why Use a Zoom Virtual Background?

Many web conferencing tools have begun to provide a variety of digital background options. Zoom backgrounds can be incredibly helpful in keeping your surroundings from appearing on your video if you want to keep them private or you simply don’t want to show them. Zoom backgrounds may include blurring what is already in the background or replacing the background with a virtual image or video. You can even create your own with an image or photo (note that Zoom recommends it should have a resolution of at least 1280×720).

It’s important to bear in mind that with any Zoom background, people in the background of your environment may cut through the virtual background, so it’s best to use these backgrounds in spaces without foot traffic. To get the best result from any given Zoom background, make sure to remain in the center of your video screen and avoid moving too much. Additionally, make sure nothing cuts in or out of the background, which can be distracting.

How to Set a Zoom Background

To set a Zoom virtual background, begin by logging in and clicking on your profile icon. Then, click the Settings link and navigate to Background & Filters. From there, you can begin to select the virtual background you want. In order to add your own photo, click on the small “+” button to add an image.

How to Pick a Zoom Background

If you need help selecting a Zoom background for your next meeting, here are some of the most popular and appropriate Zoom backgrounds for corporate meetings, office settings, and remote work.

“Personality” Backgrounds

Some people choose virtual backgrounds that show off their personality. For example, someone who loves sports may choose a basketball court as their background, while someone who loves cats may choose a patterned cat background. While these backgrounds are certainly conversation starters, they may not be appropriate for all meetings – especially ones where professionalism is key. Try to keep these backgrounds for Zoom to your weekly team meeting or check-in where talking about your Finding Nemo or Toy Story background is more appropriate.

Logo Backgrounds

Some people are all business, all the time. You may choose a background of your corporate logo to maintain an heir of professionalism, especially for important meetings. This tends to be most popular among sales and marketing people, but it can also be helpful for a meeting where you want to make a big impression – such as a quarterly review, interview, or presentation meeting. Consider making a Zoom background that specifically fits your logo and even includes other relevant information in a neat and organized fashion.

Realistic Backgrounds

Many people choose to use a virtual background that could easily pass for a real workplace or office. Depending on the video call software you are using, you can choose from pictures of modern office spaces, cool loft apartments, and hotel lobbies. These options tend to be popular with people who work remotely and want to maintain privacy or give the impression of a tidier, more curated space. These are generally acceptable for any level of professionalism when it comes to meetings – just make sure it’s not distracting to other users.

Blurred Backgrounds 

The most popular Zoom background seems to be the “blur” effect, which simply blurs your real background. This background can provide enough detail to show that you are in a real location, without so much detail that is distracting. These are a good option for any meeting and can be a good middle point between casual and professional.

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If you are a work-from-home or hybrid worker, you have most likely come across these virtual backgrounds, which are just one part of the changing work environment today. Changes will continue to progress as time goes on, which is why it’s important to have an adaptable workplace. At AD Solutions, we offer new document workflow solutions for improved productivity. Give us a call today or fill out our online form to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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