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Video walls can be interactive, promotional, informational, and always eye-catching. If you are remodeling or designing an office and are in need of a great addition to your space, a video wall is a must-have. Read on to learn more about the different types of video walls and how they can be beneficial to your workspace.

LED Video Walls

LED video walls are the most popular and common form of video wall. They are comprised of thousands of small LED lights that change color depending on the amount of voltage they receive. The resolution of an LED video wall depends on the size of the pixels and the distance between them. Because of this, high-resolution LED video walls are usually more costly than other options. 

These walls come with many benefits, including the fact that they are durable and can withstand a wide range of humidity and temperature, they can be formed t any size, and they are seamless. However, they may be more costly. 

LCD Video Walls

LCD video walls work by squeezing a layer of liquid crystal between two pieces of glass. When electricity to applied to the crystal, it alters to allow light to pass through, resulting in an image. The crystal itself needs to be backlit, usually by LEDs. These types of walls are durable and can run for 24 hours a day, have high resolution, and are lower in cost than LED video walls. 

Rear Projection Video Walls 

A rear projection system comprises a mirror and projector inside a closed cube to reduce ambient light. The projector focuses light onto the mirror, reflecting onto a display screen. The video wall is created by stacking these cubes to create a single wall, however, these heavy cubes cannot be wall mounted, so they must be placed in a recessed space. A benefit of these cubes is that they can be placed and arranged into different shapes to fit a flat or curved area. 

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Overall, each type of video wall has its own advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the right video wall for your needs will be based on your space, budget, and design preferences. If you are interested in discussing your video wall options, please do not hesitate to reach out to AD Solutions today! We have a variety of convenient locations across Florida. 

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