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The healthcare industry plays a vital role in helping patients maintain and improve their health, prevent and treat diseases, and enhance their quality of life. However, maintaining a business that both benefits patients and reduces costs can require special solutions for healthcare organizations. VOIP, print, and display solutions designed for patient safety and the specific needs of a medical facility can bring your healthcare business to the next level.

At AD Solutions, we are committed to providing the healthcare industry with cutting-edge solutions to secure patient data, provide connected care, and deliver cost savings. Read on to learn more about these solutions and how they can advance your medical practice, hospital, or other healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Print Solutions

Our Sharp printers and copiers are equipped with leading-edge security features, protecting confidential data and helping your office team print with efficiency. You can copy both sides of a driver’s license or insurance card onto a single page with Card Shot software and streamline check-in procedures for a better patient experience. Print solutions can also help with improving patient satisfaction by providing fast, high-quality handouts. Sharp solutions are also HIPAA compliant so you can provide peace of mind when tracking, printing, and scanning vital information like patient records at your healthcare office.

Healthcare Display Solutions

With Sharp’s eye-catching HD displays for healthcare professionals, you can educate patients, promote alerts or announcements among staff, or collaborate with professional peers. Display solutions for your healthcare practice can also be a state-of-the-art way to provide video conferencing and better collaboration for doctors or providers. You can also display patient information in your patient room or medical offices. Our display solutions can be used for multiple purposes to boost communications and operational efficiencies for medical professionals. We provide video walls, digital signage, and interactive displays to help you meet your professional healthcare goals.

Healthcare VOIP Solutions

A best-in-class VOIP phone system makes it simple and cost efficient to connect your medical staff with patients. VOIP services also provide reliable and flexible call routing, so you won’t have to worry about missing phone calls. As a VOIP solution provider, our convenient directory and auto attendant makes it easy for patients to connect to the correct department, assisting you in managing calls more efficiently. Our VOIP service solutions are secure and HIPAA compliant, and allow you to automatically record calls, customize call coverage, easily make outbound calls, and connect on the go with mobile devices. We can even help establish VOIP features for healthcare facilities like hospitals or large healthcare practices.

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If you would like to learn more about our print, display, and VOIP healthcare solutions, please contact AD Solutions today. Our skilled team would be happy to discuss the best healthcare solutions for your medical practitioners.

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