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The All-in-One Business Phone System

Kick your connectivity up a notch with VOIP Technology! Enjoy exclusive features like custom caller ID, call recording, and voicemail to email. VOIP is a powerful communication tool that can streamline your business’s communication, making life easier for all people involved.

Do More, Spend Less

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Why Voice Solutions are the Best Option for You

Upgrade your phone system to VOIP and experience crystal-clear calls with AD Solutions! Say goodbye to bad connections and hello to: 

  • Lower costs & customizable services
  • Better call management
  • Efficient call routing and automation
  • Flexible setup & scalability
  • Staying connected on-the-go

Outstanding Service Tailored to You!

Our primary mission is “service first and foremost.” Our in-house technical support staff is dedicated to providing you with custom solutions and personalized service to help your team make great strides every step of the way! We’re fast. We’re local. We’re responsive.

Auto Attendant

Direct inbound calls to the correct department or person with this automated greeting and answering service.

Call Park/Pickup

Answer a call on one VoIP phone and continue the call on another IP phone. This flexibility allows you to take your calls anywhere without being interrupted.

Caller ID

Reduce spam and verify a caller’s identity by phone number or name. Users can allow or block specific phone numbers or entities. 

Call Transfer/Waiting

Relocate an existing phone call to another phone or attendant console. This is a great feature for those who need to change physical location during a call or pass the call off to another person.

Directory Assistance

Eliminate the trouble of searching through endless contact information when making phone calls. Directory Assistance helps people access caller information via a list or database of phone numbers or contact information. 

Queue Callback

Also known as an automatic callback, this feature lets you know when a customer wishes to be called back later. This allows the customer to avoid waiting in long call lines.

Unlimited inbound calls

With unlimited calling, you can make any number of calls to any destination in the world for a flat monthly fee. 

Call Screening

Call screening identifies an incoming caller and allows the receiving person to determine how to best respond to that call. 

Call Recording

VoIP call recording is a secure and reliable method to record two-way audio of a phone conversation in the cloud. This is great for quality and training purposes. 


Allows customers to leave you a message that you can respond to at a later date.