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Chat GPT is a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that debuted in November 2022. It is among many AI tools that are part of the large language model, or in simpler terms, it aggregates large amounts of words to write, spell check, auto-correct, translate, and more. Chat GPT works by answering questions in a conversational style; you can ask (almost) anything, and it will give you an answer. While this tool is still in its beta form, improvements are expected to be made. But one big question is, how will this new technology affect different industries, especially education? Read on for some predictions!

The Act of Teaching Writing will be Easier

Chat GPT can write virtually anything you ask it to, which raises the question if students even need to learn to write anymore. Many may be wondering if AI writing technologies eventually replace writing completely. Many do not think so, as critical thinking skills and the human touch are needed for really exceptional writing. However, with the help of Chat GPT, teachers may be able to shift their focus more on critical thinking, revision, discussion, research, and organizing ideas creatively.

Learning How to Write Will Be Simpler

Today’s teachers may consider how Chat GPT can become a sort of writing coach for students. Instead of waiting for feedback from teachers, students could receive quick feedback from this tool about their writing. The students could then potentially ask the AI tool to perform certain tasks that involve editing or revision their writing. However, teachers must then have a discussion regarding how copying and pasting this information straight from the AI tool is a form of plagiarism.

Critical Thinking Skills Will Become More Important

According to the Oxford Dictionary, critical thinking can be defined as “the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment”. Chat GPT has the potential to take teaching the concept of critical thinking to a new level. Teachers today teach English and writing, which in turn can incorporate listening, discussing, and participating in healthy debates. However, writing only helps some students to organize the information they learn. Teachers may consider working with Chat GPT to improve students’ thinking abilities.

Research Will Eventually Become Effortless

In its beta version, Chat GPT has a clear warning that it may share inaccurate information. However, this technology is only expected to improve with time. Eventually, students should be able to take advantage of AI tools to learn new information. However, teachers will then need to adapt by using resources and tools to assist students in navigating and identifying potentially wrong answers. Young people today are very tech-savvy, and Chat GPT offers the potential for streamlining the learning process.

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