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Education is a vital part of our society, as it helps children to secure their own personal life, provides direction, helps people develop critical thinking skills, and helps people become overall better citizens. At AD Solutions, we are dedicated to providing the education industry with the newest, cutting-edge display, device, and print solutions to create an optimal learning environment. Read on to learn more about these solutions, and how they can be beneficial to your educational establishment.

Education Display Solutions

Sharp display solutions allow educators to share information with students and other staff members using an array of software applications and services. Video walls allow for engaging messages in various environments, while Aquos Board interactive displays support screen casting from many different operating systems. Overall, our display solutions make teaching clearer and topics easier to grasp for all students.

Education Device Solutions

We are proud to offer Dynabook laptops which are a great option for seamless collaboration between classmates and teachers. These durable, lightweight devices are equipped with cutting-edge, modern technology to ensure successful results and outcomes. Unlike laptops that are not built into the Windows operation system, Dynabook laptops are specifically configured for educational use. Plus, Dynabook laptops are the only kind equipped with their own BIOS, providing enhanced tamper resistance, customized settings, and secured pre-boot communication.

Education Print Solutions

Instead of investing in multiple desktop printers, it can be more cost-efficient and efficient to purchase multifunctional printers. By employing more efficient multifunctional devices, schools and educational establishments can reduce print output and cost. Our Sharp printers are also equipped with the ability to access passwords, access codes, user and group profiles, and external user accounts to track printing activity and keep all data secure. 

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If you are interested in learning more about our display, device, and print solutions for the education industry, please contact AD Solutions today. We would love to speak with you regarding the best education solutions for your establishment. 

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