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The MX-B402 is an A4 Frontier model that blends more efficient, sustainable supplies with common, award-winning Frontier Series architecture. The toner cartridge of the MX-B402 has double the toner capacity and lifespan versus that of the previous MX-B401 model, from 10,000 to 20,000 pages! This benefits the customer by helping to reduce potential downtime and maintenance intervals. The MX-B402 now utilizes a tool-free, refillable developer system. Similar to the developer systems used in Sharp’s award-winning A3 Monochrome MFPs, the MX-B402’s developer system is now designed to be refilled. In addition, a large 7″ wide screen color touch-panel simplifies operation by providing an intuitive user interface to keep ahead of today’s fast-paced office document distribution needs. Incorporating next-generation Common Controller architecture, the Frontier Series provides uniform functionality and operability as found in Sharp’s award-winning MFP product line. This model also offers modular expandability, remote-access capabilities, and a value-added approach award-winning Sharp OSA® platform, and the industry-leading Sharp security suite to protect data and control access.

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    MX-B402 | MX-B402SC Quick Start Guide Download
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    Windows OS Driver Package Software for MX-B402 Contains: Universal Driver Download
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    Black-Developer SDS for MX-B402 Black-Developer SDS for MX-B402 Download
    Black-Toner SDS for MX-B402 Supply model name(s): MX-B42NT1 Download