• 70″ Class (69-1/2” diagonal) Interactive Display System
  • 6-Point Multi-Touch Screen
  • SHARP Display Connect Software Included for Easy Connectivity with Mobile Devices
  • Multi-User – Up to 2 Simultaneous Users
  • Brilliant High Definition (1,920 x 1,080) Edge Lit LED Display
  • 3-Year Onsite Limited Warranty, 16/7 Certified
  • Built-In 10W per Channel Stereo Audio System
  • Enhanced Writing Surface with Improved Fingerprint and Scratch Resistance

Sharp's Full-HD 70” Class (69.5” diagonal) PN-C703B AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system lets you display a variety of information with ease and precision. Whether you're in a classroom or meeting room, Sharp Pen™ Software opens up new possibilities for brainstorming and sharing information in real time. Flexible and cost-effective, the PN-C703B display provides a platform to boost collaboration and enhance the impact of your lessons, meetings, or presentations.







Class Size (Inch) 60 60 70 70 80
Viewing Angle (H/V) 160° / 160° 176° / 176° 160° / 160° 176° / 176° 176° / 176°
Protection Glass / Thickness Y / 3.4mm Y / 3.0mm Y / 3.4mm Y / 3.4mm Y / 3.8mm
Touch Technology IR IR IR IR Capacitive
Max. # of Touch Points 6 10 6 10 10
Max. # of Simultaneous Users 2 4 2 4 4
Passive Pen / # included Y / 1 Y / 1 Y / 1 Y / 1 N
Wireless Touch Pen / # included N OPT N OPT Y / 2
Embedded Whiteboard / Instant On N N N N N
Multi-Board Pen Software N N N N Y
Touch Viewer Software N N N N Y
PC VESA Mounting N Y N Y Y
Front Facing Stereo Speakers N Y N Y Y
Rear Facing Stereo Speakers Y N Y N N
Touch On-Screen Display N Y N Y Y
Front facing Power Button N Y N Y Y
USB Port / # Fixed Cable Y / 2 Fixed Cable Y / 2 Y / 2
Front Facing USB Port N N N N Y
DisplayPort in/Out N Y N Y Y
LAN Control N Y N Y Y
Removable Installation Handles N Y N Y Y
Connector location Rear Bottom & Side Rear Bottom & Side Bottom & Side
Camera Mount / # locations N Y / 3 N Y / 3 Y / 7


Name Description  
PN-C703B Diagram Download
PN-C703B Warranty Download
PN-C703B Information Display Statement of Volatility Download
PN-C603D | PN-C703B Brochure Download


Name Description  
PN-C703B Quick Start Guide Download
PN-C703B Operation Manual Download
PN-C703B Pen Software Operation Manual Download
SHARP Display Connect Operation Manual Download


Name Description  
PN-C703B PenSoftware v3.3.2.3 Updater Download
SHARP Display Connect - Host and Client Version Download
SHARP Display Connect - Client Only Version Download

Drivers and Utilities

Name Description  
Mac OS Touch Panel Driver v Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 | 10.9 Download
Mac OS Touch Panel Driver v Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 | 10.11
*Requires Touch Panel firmware update v.1.01
PN-C703B Touch Panel Firmware Updater V. 1.01
*Required for Mac OS Touch Panel Driver v

Product Safety

Name Description  
PN-C703B Safety Standard UL Download
PN-C703B Safety Standard FCC Download
PN-C703B Safety Standard RoHS Download


Name Description  
PN-SR780M Specification Sheet Download
PN-SPCi5W7H Operation Manual Download
PN-SPCi5W7H Brochure Download
PN-SR780M Assembly Guide Download
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