Copier Relief Program

A.D. Solutions team of experts are here to help you by offering a 6-month Copier Relief Program on all new copier or technology equipment leases. We will absorb your current lease and upgrade your existing technology equipment in combination with our 6-month Copier Relief Program to assist businesses during this time of hardship.

Copier Relief Programs Whether you are facing a 3-6-month hardship due to COVID19, or your financial situation has changed permanently (such as a divorce, death, injury, etc.) A.D. Solutions’ team of experts will work with you to qualify for our Copier Relief Program based on your current situation and  eliminate the first 6 months of payments.

Financial Tech Check An extensive review of your monthly copier or technology expenses will take place to see which solution is right for accelerating your financial recovery.

Gather Current Cost Information Please gather your documentation and complete the form below with as much information as possible to start your application. A complete application package will help speed up the review and decision process. You can also email your request and additional information to CopierRelief@myadsusa.com.

Documentation Review Once your completed application is received, you will be notified within 1-2 business days confirming approval or notification if additional information is needed for approval. Our team of experts will provide options for your review within 3-4 business days.

Contact Us To request a conversation with an A.D. Solutions expert, please fill out our Copier Relief Request form or chat now with one of our team members.

We understand these are challenging times and the A.D. Solutions Copier Relief Program is here to help.

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