A.D. Solutions - Sharp MX-2310U

Sharp MX-2310U


Key Features:


- Standard ledger-size copy, print and color scanning
- 23 ppm B&W and Color networked digital MFP
- Maximum Paper Capacity of 2,100 sheets
- 100-sheet Reversing Single Pass Feeder with Duplexing
- Standard 500 sheet cassette and 100 sheet bypass tray
- High-resolution 7" touch-screen color display
- 86GB document filing system with thumbnail view
  and image preview


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If you're looking for a way to run your business more smoothly, the MX-2310U—with all the essential copy, print, network color scan functions and a convenient fax option—is the new and true value-laden choice. The MX-2310U is an efficient, user-friendly addition to any workplace. To move your business forward, this full-color, ledger-size, multifunction document system from Sharp is the smart choice.

Sharp's new MX-2310U has been meticulously engineered to help businesses maximize their document workflow efficiency while providing outstanding image quality and performance. This new model offers many advanced features, including a high-resolution touch-screen color display with graphical menu navigation. Plus, with a powerful 600 MHz multi-tasking controller, the MX-2310U can help save time and money producing professional color documents in-house with breathtaking image quality that is also economical. With Sharp's advanced device management and Remote Front Panel feature, it's easy to control color usage and costs. The MX-2310U also supports the Sharp OSA® development platform, making integration with network applications simple and easy. As an industry leader in security, your intellectual properly is well protected with Sharp's Security Suite.




Sharp's Newest Features

- Powerful 600 MHz multitasking color document system
- High-resolution, 7" touch-screen color display with graphical navigation
- 86GB document filing system with thumbnail view and image preview features
- Remote Front Panel allows users and administrators to view and control machine operations from a PC workstation.
- Front panel USB port
- Gigabit Ethernet
- Industry leading ImageSEND™ function can scan documents to USB devices, network folders, e-mail, FTP, internet fax and more.
- PCL, PS and XPS options available
- Large paper capacity-up to 2,100 sheets (with optional paper trays)
- Supports Sharp's award winning multi-level document and MFP security suite
- Advanced web-based device management with on-board user manuals
- IEEE-P2600-2008 compliant


Award Winning Network Scanning

- ImageSEND feature enables users to scan documents up to 7 different destinations, including USB Memory Devices,
  Network Folders, and more!
- Send-to-Group function allows users to send a mixed group broadcast to E-mail, Fax, and Internet Fax in a single operation.
- With Send-to-USB feature, you can quickly scan documents to a USB memory device in popular formats such as
  TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and Encrypted PDF.


High-Quality Network Printing In Both Color and B&W

- 600 x 600 dpi color output
- Optional PCL® 6/PCL5c Expansion Kit
- Optional Postscript® 3™ Expansion Kit
- Easy-to-use print drivers
- Advanced Image Stabilization provides high quality images page after page


Versatile Application Integration

- The MX-2310U supports Sharp OSA technology, which streamlines document workflow and enhances productivity by
  allowing users to have bi-directional interaction with network applications right from the machine LCD panel.
- Sharp OSA technology uses industry-standard network protocols such as XML and SOAP.
- Interact with critical business applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning software, workflow applications, and more!


Integrated B/W Fax and Internet Fax

- Inbound Fax Routing converts fax messages to E-mail.
- Sharp's innovative PC fax driver enables users to send fax documents right from their desktop.
- Optional B/W Internet fax expansion kit


Specifications / Brochures - Manuals & Other Documents

Make Model Date Added Document
Sharp MX-2310U May 24, 2013 Brochure VIEW DOCUMENT
Sharp MX-2310U May 24, 2013 Specifications VIEW DOCUMENT
Sharp MX-2310U May 24, 2013 Operation Manual VIEW DOCUMENT
Sharp MX-2310U May 24, 2013 Quick Start Guide VIEW DOCUMENT







Drivers & Downloads

Sharp MX-2310U MX-M264N
MX-M314N MX-M354N
Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server All PCFAX DOWNLOAD
Sharp MX-2010U MX-2310U
MX-2610N MX-3110N
MX-3610N MX-4110N
MX-4111N MX-4112N
MX-5110N MX-5111N
MX-5112N MX-3111U
MX-1810U MX-M264N
MX-M314N MX-M354N
MX-M264U MX-M314U
Mac OS X - Lion
Snow Leopard
Mac OS X - Leopard
Mac OS X - Tiger
Sharp MX-5111N MX-5110N
MX-4111N MX-4110N
MX-3610N MX-3110N
MX-2610N MX-2310U
MX-5001N MX-4101N
MX-4100N MX-3100N
MX-2600N MX-C311
MX-C401 DX-C310
DX-C311 DX-C400
DX-C401 MX-C400P
MX-M753N MX-M753U
MX-M623N MX-M623U
MX-M503N MX-M503U
MX-M453N MX-M453U
MX-M363N MX-M363U
MX-M283N MX-B401
MX-B402 MX-B402SC
MX-C402SC MX-B400P
Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server All Universal Driver DOWNLOAD
Sharp MX-2300N MX-2700N
MX-3500N MX-3501N
MX-4501N MX-5500N
MX-6200N MX-7000N
MX-6201N MX-7001N
MX-2600N MX-3100N
MX-4100N MX-4101N
MX-5001N MX-M283N
MX-M363N MX-M453N
MX-M503N MX-M363U
MX-M453U MX-M503U
MX-M753N MX-M753U
MX-M623N MX-M623U
MX-2310U MX-2610N
MX-3110N MX-3610N
MX-4110N MX-4111N
MX-5110N MX-5111N
MX-M264N MX-M314N
Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server All TWAIN (LAN) DOWNLOAD
Sharp MX-2310U MX-2610N
MX-3110N MX-3610N
MX-4110N MX-4111N
MX-5110N MX-5111N
MX-M264N MX-M314N
Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server 32bit PCL6 PS PPD DOWNLOAD
Sharp MX-2310U MX-2610N
MX-3110N MX-3610N
MX-4110N MX-4111N
MX-5110N MX-5111N
MX-M264N MX-M314N
Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server 64bit PCL6 PS PPD DOWNLOAD







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